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"Is Your Content Valuable?"

You’ve created a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page for your business, and are posting content to each platform on a regular basis. All the makings for a following to just magically happen, right? Except there's one problem. No one is liking, commenting, sharing, or otherwise engaging with your brand.

If you're wondering why, take a few steps back for a second and ask yourself the questions: Is your content valuable? Does it inform, entertain, or inspire? If the content you create is incredibly personal, it is unlikely that people will engage with it.In order to get moving in the right direction, start by taking a look back at your most successful posts and determining what made them so engaging. Was it a video,graphic, coupon code or a great freebie? For a non-profit Facebook page we manage,we saw that our videos illustrating the organization’s commitment to giving back to the community had significantly more likes, shares and views than status posts and pictures. As a result, we are now posting 2-3 original videos each week which has increased follower engagement by 200%. Once you discover what your followers like to see on their timelines, you can begin to develop quality content worth sharing.

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