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Indulge Yourself in a pamper Day

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You have a thriving business/career. Why do you need to take a break from operating in excellence? 

Consider these powerful reasons to have a pamper day:
  1. It’s invaluable for your physical and mental health. Rest is as vital to your health as good nutrition and exercise. Occasional pamper days can save you from many health problems. You get to unwind and engage in the activities that bring you pleasure.

  2. Take a step away from all the stress. The effects of stress on our bodies have been well-documented – from its impact on our skin to our hearts. If you don’t have fun once in a while, it becomes difficult to lead a non-stressful life. You’ll have to take days off to rest, not when you want to or because you want to, but because you’re forced to.

  3. Gives you something to look forward to. What’s the point of working so hard if you don’t get to enjoy the fruits of your labor? You won’t feel bad about doing something nice for yourself if you plan for it. You are motivated to work harder when looking forward to a day of relaxation.

  4. You make wiser decisions. Relaxed people make better decisions regarding their well-being, work, and even their relationships. With the stress taken away, you can examine matters more carefully. Decisions are well thought through and balanced.


Taking a day off when you’ve planned to and can enjoy it is much better than taking a day off because your body is broken and fatigued. Resting seriously makes a huge difference. You will come back massively refreshed and able to boost your productivity. Rest is critical to progress.

If you can’t remember the last time you had a pamper day, I invite you to schedule a weekend of pampering on a long or holiday weekend. Remember you are a queen so treat yourself accordingly. 

Cassandra Hill is a Christian Holistic Wellness Influencer who teaches Black professional women a framework for achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.


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